2024 Agent Session – Cece Lyra


15 Minute One-On-One Session with literary agent Cece Lyra.

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15 Minute One-On-One Session with literary agent Cece Lyra.


Cecilia “CeCe” Lyra is a literary agent at P.S. Literary Agency representing adult fiction and nonfiction. A longterm strategic thinker, CeCe prioritizes the creative reach and sustainable longevity of her authors’ careers, and she is especially looking for clients with whom she can build fruitful, lasting relationships. CeCe believes that stories are empathy generating machines capable of healing, connecting, and enacting true change. She is particularly drawn to books centered around power (dynamics, imbalance, rise & fall), identity (perception, exploration, intersectionality), and dysfunction (familial, societal, cultural) told with originality, nuance, and authenticity.

As a mixed race Latinx immigrant, CeCe understands the power of seeing oneself reflected in books, hence her passion for championing under or misrepresented voices and narratives. CeCe is also the co-host of the popular podcast, The Shit No One Tells you About Writing, which has over three million downloads, was featured in Writer’s Digest 101 Best Website for Writers, and in Cosmopolitan’s 15 Best Podcasts of 2023. CeCe leads sought-after classes on the craft of writing with the goal of supporting emerging writers in their path to publication.
Examples of Upcoming Client Books:
  • MY MOTHER CURSED MY NAME by Anamely Salgado Reyes, sold in six-figure preempt to Atria (S&S)
  • YOUR UNCONSCIOUS IS SHOWING by Dr. Courtney Tracy, sold in a seven-way auction to St. Martin’s Press (Macmillan)
  • TELL THEM YOU LIED by Laura Leffler, sold to Hyperion Avenue (Disney)
  • HOW I KNOW WHITE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY by Dr. Jonathan Lassiter, sold at auction to Hachette Go (Hachette)
  • A MOST PUZZLING MURDER by international bestselling author Bianca Marais, sold to Mira Books (HarperCollins)

The P.S. Literary Agency (PSLA) has championed creators for nearly two decades since opening in 2005 as a full service literary agency. Since then, they’ve built a tradition of connecting clients with leading publishers in North America, Europe, and the entire world. Their goal is to support clients from their drafts to post-publication, pursuing foreign, audio, digital, TV/film and serial rights.
PSLA represents bestselling and award-winning creators, celebrity personalities, and incredible creators just starting out on their publishing journey. They say: “We at PSLA support our clients for their entire careers by providing the highest quality editorial feedback, working tirelessly to secure fair contracts, and attending all major industry conferences to keep our fingers on the pulse of the publishing world. Our clients receive our undivided attention because we love what they do.”