2024 Agent Session – Caitlin Mahony


15 Minute One-On-One Session with literary agent Caitlin Mahony

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15 Minute One-On-One Session with literary agent Caitlin Mahony

Caitlin Mahony has been at WME since 2016. She represents romance, genre, and commercial fiction. Caitlin’s clients include bestselling romance authors Chloe Walsh, Ivy Fairbanks, and Peyton Corinne, as well as fantasy writers SenLinYu and Scarlett St. Clair, among others. Caitlin is passionate about working with authors who originate from non-traditional spaces, and bringing new opportunities their way.

Caitlin is looking for books that offer a total escape and full immersion, in either this world or an imagined one. She loves a hard-won, epic love story (historical and contemporary), a transporting fantasy or sci-fi novel that helps parse earthly questions, a delightful beach read, or a pulse-pounding thriller; and is always looking to get swept up in something that you can’t put down.
Learn more about Caitlin at wmebookdepartment.com/caitlin-mahony

About Agent Sessions

These individual sessions are a rare opportunity to sit in private with a literary agent and present yourself and your work. At your option, you may submit a three-to-five page excerpt from your book, and/or a one page synopsis or query letter. If you submit such pages, the agent will read them in advance of your meeting and be prepared to talk with you about them. You may also opt not to submit in advance but to just present verbally at your session. Whether your goal is to find an agent to take you on as a client, or to get advice on your work and your path to publication from a literary professional, these sessions are an unprecedented chance to fulfill your objective.


You may sign up for up to a maximum of three one-one-one sessions. They are only for registered conference participants and take place between 8:45am and 12:00 noon from Friday through Sunday of the conference. Each session is fifteen minutes in length. After you have registered for your session(s), you will be invited to send what you wish to submit and schedule your appointment.