When I registered for KWC, I really wasn’t expecting a lot.  Definitely to learn some much-needed marketing and branding skills.  Maybe to get a tan and make some friends in Kauai, both of which I did do.  Mission accomplished.
I was pleasantly surprised when I was given a referral by Lisa Sharkey to a literary agent who she felt would be a great fit for my inspirational, true story.  I didn’t expect for anything to come of it because I have been told repeatedly at every conference I have attended that getting an agent is like finding a needle in a haystack.
I reached out to Mr. DJ Snell, the agent Lisa referred me to, and within two weeks he notified me that his firm, Legacy Management, wanted to represent me!  He plans to submit the proposal to at least a dozen publishers in the coming months.  He also plans to secure speaking engagements for me to promote the book, and he has connected me to an entertainment attorney to assist with the movement I am seeing on the major motion picture side.
I send this to you now because there are so many authors who become disheartened by some of the things we are told by others…. like that statement that getting an agent is extremely difficult if not impossible.  I was so convinced I wouldn’t have representation that I seriously considered skipping the hassle and heartache and going straight to self-publishing.
Were it not for KWC and the positive environment you all have cultivated, I would not be on a path to having my memoir published.  Without the encouragement and support of both Lisa and Sam Horn, I very well might have given up before giving the process a fighting chance.
I send you all at KWC my most sincere thanks, and I look forward to attending 2024 KWC as a published author… in large part because of you all at KWC.
Angie Howell RN