Bronwen Hruska, publisher of Soho Press, has joined the KWC faculty. She would like to meet writers of  literary, young adult, and international crime fiction. KWC attendees with projects in any of these three genres can reserve individual sessions with Bronwen to present their work for her consideration.

Reserve an individual session with Bronwen Hruska.

Soho Press is an award-winning independent publisher founded in 1986. We now publish 80-90 books a year under three discrete imprints: Soho Press (literary fiction), Soho Crime (international crime fiction) and Soho Teen (young adult fiction).

Our literary fiction is acquired and edited primarily by Executive Editor Mark Doten, with other Soho editors occasionally acquiring a book they love that fits best into this imprint. Mark is looking for bold literary voices—authors who craft new and powerful stories and offer us fresh ways of seeing the world. He’s looking especially for authors from diverse backgrounds who are pushing boundaries, doing interesting things with form and narrative, and whose work feels plugged in to our current moment (and what a moment it is!). You might be interested in hearing more from Mark about Soho and what he’s looking for.  https://www.authorsguild.org/industry-news/qa-editor-mark-doten-soho-press/

Juliet Grames, who is also our Associate publisher, takes care of our crime list, which runs the entire range of crime fiction.Soho Crime publishes award-winning literary crime fiction imbued with a sense of place and local culture, whatever that culture that may be (our books include cultural settings that range from tres chic Paris to Classical Athens to a Mormon religious community). Our motto is “Crime Has No Time Zone” and we’re constantly on the lookout for novels set in “places” or cultures we don’t yet have on our list. As you may have noticed, we also publish some domestic regional crime fiction that has a strong sense of place.

Dan Ehrenhaft is the editorial director of our newest imprint, Soho Teen. Launched in 2013, this select list (7-10 titles a year) began with YA mysteries and thrillers. Over the years, we’ve broadened this niche to allow for novels of adolescent identity and self-discovery, particularly those with a unique format or narrative structure. Our diverse authors include acclaimed YA icons, filmmakers and screenwriters, rock stars, and a debut New York Times bestseller—among other exciting voices.

The imprints are quite different from each other; the one constant across all our books is the quality of the writing. These are well-crafted books where character and writing are every bit as important as plot.

Check out www.sohopress.com to learn more about the press.