2021 Master Class: STORYquest: the Writer, the Hero, the Journey (Afternoon)


An experiential writing workshop with Laura Lentz.

4 Afternoons:  Monday 11/8 – Thursday 11/11, 1:30-4:30pm

A $100 combination discount will be applied when registering for the conference at the same time.

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STORYquest: the Writer, the Hero, the Journey

with Laura Lentz

Stories are as old as cave drawings and as new as a story inside of you burning to find the page. Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler have written about the Hero’s Journey and the critical stages of story to explore to make a story come alive.

All of story – the big event, the obstacles, hitting rock bottom and the long journey home to self – all of these stages matter, including the angels and mentors we meet along the way.

Laura Lentz – author of the writing workbook STORYquest, the Writer, the Hero, the Journey, has turned the stages of storytelling into unique writing prompts with examples out of four books of award-winning literature. Laura’s popular online & Kauai class is now a master class at the Kauai Writers Conference, where writers will explore six of the twelve critical stages of storytelling.

This is an ideal class to structure your story and explore elements critical to move a story along. For memoirists, fiction writers and poets.




Laura Lentz is a master writing teacher, author and developmental editor. She has taught themed creative writing workshops for over a decade to artists all over the world in intimate online groups and on Kauai’s north shore.

Her workbook Story-Quest, Make your story a Hero’s Journey is workbook for writers to guide them through the twelve stages of the Hero’s Journey by offering sequential writing prompts and literary examples for each stage of the hero’s journey out of best selling memoirs and poetry. Laura helps writers expand their body of work by offering challenging and thought-provoking exercises inspired by poetry, science, music and excerpts from literature.

Laura is also co-founder of Literati Academy, a community and school to support, encourage and assist writers in all creative endeavors. Laura is known for her Sex on the Page writing workshop, Ancestors and Epigenetics and her annual Poetry Room, which teaches writers how to use poetic form in all writing. Laura is also the founder of the bi-annual Speak, Kauai spoken word performances on Hawaii that showcase writers from all over the world to sold out audiences, live streams and standing ovations.