2019 Master Class: The Power of Words: Writing/Righting Our Lives (Morning)


A memoir workshop with Amy Ferris and Linda Schreyer

4 Mornings | 3 hours per day

Monday 11/4 – Thursday 11/7, 9:00am-noon

A $100 combination discount will be applied when registering for the conference at the same time.


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The Power of Words: Writing/Righting Our Lives

A workshop collaboration with Amy Ferris and Linda Schreyer

Everyone has a story. Every woman, every man. Whether it’s deeply personal or greatly inspired. Whether it’s a long-held secret, or a long-held dream; every one of us has a story we want to tell, share, write about and get down on the page. And most of us don’t know where or how to begin. It’s daunting, it’s scary; the first word, the first sentence; bringing to life the very first paragraph.

This workshop is all about igniting those words. It is a prompt inspired workshop – one word leads to another word, leads to another word, leads to a sentence or two or three…and leads to a story.

Amy Ferris and Linda Schreyer are collaborating on this extraordinary writing workshop dedicated to the irrefutable power of words and story telling; sharing those stories, the one’s we’ve kept hidden, the ones we dare share; the ones we’ve tucked away out fear and shame and humiliation. The ones we’ve imagined and concocted, and yes, dreamed about. Sharing our stories – taking that huge leap of creative faith – inspires others to be brave – courageous – to tell and share and write their story.

The stories that move & shake & rattle the universe – the stories that save our lives, the stories that change the world: those are the very stories we’re going to share in this workshop.

What is your story?