Master Class: Writer Your Grief Story (Afternoon)


A memoir workshop on grief and the hero’s journey, with Debbie Augenthaler and Laura Lentz.

4 Afternoons:  Monday 11/4 – Thursday 11/7, 1:30-4:30pm

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Grief Stories

Memoir | with Debbie Augenthaler and Laura Lentz


This class is for writers who are interested in the Hero’s Journey and have a Grief Story they are exploring for memoir, poetry or fiction. Each class will focus on a stage of the Hero’s Journey as it relates to a grief story. Grief will be explored through carefully chosen excerpts out of literature and poetry and writing exercises designed to bring out each stage of the Hero’s Journey. Within the four-day program, eight stages of the Hero’s Journey will be explored. Homework will be included as part of this class.

Authors Laura Lentz and Debbie Augenthaler developed Grief Stories based on Laura Lentz’ workbook STORYquest, Make Your Story a Hero’s Journey. Debbie is a Grief & Trauma therapist, and author of the memoir and self-help book You Are Not Alone. Debbie and Laura realized every story has elements of grief – it’s an important part of the Hero’s Journey.

The following Literature is used as inspiration to explore your own Hero’s Journey:

  • Stag’s Leap by Sharon Olds
  • The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness by Joel Ben Izzy
  • The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch
  • You are Not Alone by Debbie Augenthaler

 Learning to harness the power of grief can turn the details of our grief experiences into compelling stories. Writing about grief helps to heal not only the writer, but also the reader. Grief is a universal experience and it helps those who are grieving to hear other people’s stories – this shared experience of coping and survival ultimately becomes a story quest filled with discovery and hope.

Writers who have taken this course include writers who are exploring losses associated with the death of someone they love, cancer survivors, ancestral grief and grief that involves career shifts and breakups.

Debbie’s gentle guidance and wisdom as a therapist, combined with her expertise as an author who has deeply explored her own grief story makes for a safe, comfortable experience for creating new stories. Debbie leads the group through calming guided exercises before we read our stories out loud.

Alison, a student who took this course said,
“Debbie and Laura are the perfect guides. One is Dumbledore and the other is Obi-Wan Kenobi!”

Another student Maureen, said,
“Taking Debbie and Laura’s workshop opened me creatively and my stories poured out of me. I had been blocked by grief.”

Debbie Augenthaler LMHC, NCC, is an author and psychotherapist in New York City, where she has specialized in trauma, grief and loss. She is a faculty member at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) and teaches workshops about grief and loss. She also co-leads an on-line writing workshop, Write Your Grief Story, with Laura Lentz. Prior to becoming a therapist she had a successful career in the financial industry for more than twenty years.

Debbie has a Master’s Degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University and received the NYU Steinhardt Award for Outstanding Clinical Service in 2012. She completed a two-year Advanced Trauma Studies program at ICP and is trained in various modalities that inform a holistically based practice including EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Energy Psychology, and Hypnosis.

Her book, You Are Not Alone: A Heartfelt Guide for Grief, Healing, and Hope combines her personal story of devastating loss with practical insights and simple suggestions for healing. Her articles and essays have appeared in Spirituality and Health Magazine, PBS Next Avenue, Women You Should Know, and numerous other online publications. Debbie speaks regularly to a wide variety of audiences, and is available to give presentations, workshops, and trainings.

To learn more about Debbie visit www.debbieaugenthaler.com

Laura Lentz is a master writing teacher, author and developmental editor. She has taught themed creative writing workshops for over a decade to artists all over the world in intimate online groups and on Kauai’s north shore.

Her workbook Story-Quest, Make your story a Hero’s Journey will be released in November 2018. Story-Quest is workbook for writers to guide them through the twelve stages of the Hero’s Journey by offering sequential writing prompts and literary examples for each stage of the hero’s journey out of best selling memoirs and poetry.

Laura helps writers expand their body of work by offering challenging and thought-provoking exercises inspired by poetry, science, music and excerpts from literature. Intimate groups of experienced writers from all over the world gather in small online groups for live, engaging workshops that are announced privately through her mailing list at www.literatiacademy.com.

Laura is also co-founder of Literati Academy, a community and school to support, encourage and assist writers in all creative endeavors. Laura is known for her Sex on the Page writing workshop, Ancestors and Epigenetics and her annual Poetry Room, which teaches writers how to use poetic form in all writing.

Laura is also the founder of the bi-annual Speak, Kauai spoken word performances on Hawaii that showcase writers from all over the world to sold out audiences, live streams and standing ovations.