2024 Publishing Consultation – Kevin Larimer


Reserve an individual session with Kevin to discuss your manuscript.

You’ll be invited prior to the conference to schedule your appointment and submit an excerpt from your manuscript. Time-slots are limited. Reserve early.

We ask that you sign up for not more than three total individual sessions, including pitch, critique and consultations. These sessions are held during the conference and are available only to conference attendees.

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Individual Consultations with Kevin Larimer.


Kevin Larimer

As editor in chief of Poets and Writers Magazine, Kevin is deeply familiar with the whole spectrum of literary magazines. His consultations will focus on how to get pieces published in these magazines. Whether you write short story, essay, poetry, or longer works that could be excerpted, publication in a respected magazine can be an important step in your writing career. There are very few people more ideally positioned to give advice on how to go about this than Kevin. He will read a few pages of your work in advance and be prepared to talk with you about which magazines to approach, who to contact there, and how to handle the entire submission procedure.

J. D. Salinger was famously rejected by The New Yorker more than a dozen times over several years before they consented to publish one of his stories. Perhaps Kevin can help you to formulate a strategy to shortcut this process.