Making It New:
Writing in Hybrid Forms

with Elizabeth Rosner


Genre-blending isn’t exactly new—but hybrid forms seem more popular than ever. Let’s explore breaking some of the so-called rules separating one literary form from another. How can we borrow from and combine a variety of techniques and practices—poetry, journalism, science, visual arts? Why not experiment with your writing style and discover new territory?

For the past 25 years, Elizabeth Rosner has been writing acclaimed books that stretch across genre lines: blending prose with poetry, interweaving memoir with interdisciplinary research. In this inspiring hands-on master class, participants will be shown numerous strategies for developing new work and for transforming work already in progress. Ideal for writers who are currently engaged in a hybrid project or for those seeking extra guidance in leaping outside the box.

4 Afternoons:  Monday 11/6 – Thursday 11/9, 1:30-4:30pm

A $100 combination discount will be applied when registering for the conference at the same time.


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Elizabeth Rosner is the author of three novels, a poetry collection, and most recently, a book of creative nonfiction. SURVIVOR CAFÉ: The Legacy of Trauma and the Labyrinth of Memory was a finalist for a National Jewish Book Award; interviews with Rosner were featured on National Public Radio and in the New York Times. Her prize-winning novels have been translated into ten languages; her essays and poems have appeared in Elle, the Forward, the NY Times Magazine, and numerous anthologies. She leads writing workshops internationally. 


“In addition to being an accomplished novelist, memoirist, and poet, Liz has the extraordinary gift of ability to coax the authentic voice from each participant. In words and silences, in rhythms and pauses, in verbs and nouns each voice enters the hallowed space of committed listeners to sing its soul into the circle of comrades traveling the anguished path.  Whatever the background, an inviting arena of warmth and patience welcomes each participant.  Liz’s instruction alone is worth the time and cost, but the real bargain is her ability to generate that magnetic allure where each participant’s muse cannot resist emerging to be heard.”     — student testimonial