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The Readers Track is like a book club with the sessions led by the actual author of the book. There will be one a month.


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Josh Mohr first came to our attention when a student at his Stanford University online writing course signed up for the conference. She said Josh was her favorite teacher of all times, and predicted that if we could get him to come to the conference, a number of his students would come just to spend more time with him. We did, and they did. Fifteen of his Stanford students came to the 2018 conference to learn more from him.

His master class was the surprise hit of the Kauai Writers Conference for the past two years. Each time, by the second day, word spread about how good it was, and people were dropping out of classes given by more famous authors to sit in. Josh captivated his audience with his wit and unassuming wisdom. Students said it transformed their whole approach to writing.

We asked Josh if he would create an online version for us during this pandemic year. He has put together a six lesson course uniquely for KWC. We are delighted to offer it—at no additional cost for subscribers– as the first master class in this ongoing series of online programs. Here is his synopsis of the course:


Building Your Protagonist: The dignity of character-complexity


We all know that one of our chief aims as authors is to construct a convincing protagonist. Someone who feels as though they are vibrantly alive, blood in their hearts, even as they’re simple scribbles on the page. In this course, we’ll talk about how to inhabit a consciousness, all the while keeping the plot chugging ahead in a believable and enthralling way.
During our six sessions, we’ll divide up our workload like this:
Session 1 – Conflict:
How to use emotional and external conflict to reveal character.
Session 2 – Character psychology:
How do we take advantage of the fact that a reader is incarcerated in the mind of the protagonist? How do we use that as an asset instead of liability?
Session 3 – Plaracterization:
The kiss between plot and characterization.
Session 4 – Dialogue:
How do we construct cadence and word choice in our dialogue so that the character sounds unique, nuanced, convincingly alive.
Session 5 –  Scene Size:
How do I know if my scenes are the right length? How do I know that subsequent scenes are speaking to authentically creating a memorable main character.
Session 6 – Revision:
How do we continue to learn about our characters and build on the discoveries we’ve made in previous iterations?
Through in-class writing prompts and homework exercises, students will have the opportunity to practice these new principles and techniques in real-time. When we’ve completed our work, students will leave this course with a new bag of tricks to help them manufacture characters that stay alive in the reader’s mind’s eye long after the words THE END…


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7th      Josh Mohr Master Class

14th    Josh Mohr Master Class

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