Have you noticed all the names cropping up for full moons? Blood Moon. Super Wolf Moon. Now we get to watch the Worm Moon. Give us a break!

What’s behind this epidemic of bizarre lunar nomenclature? One word: clickbait. Online editors have noticed that no one cares if they announce that the upcoming full moon will look slightly bigger than usual, but if they give prominent placement to a spooky name for it, people click like crazy.


So in a shameless attempt to generate clicks of our own, we’re launching the Kauai Writers Conference full moon naming contest. Who, after all, is better equipped to come up with attention-grabbing names for the moon than a bunch of writers?

Some suggestions to get you started: Black Widow Moon. Rapture Moon. Trump Moon (the biggest ever.)

The creator of the best moon name will get two free agent critique sessions at the November conference, a $190 value. Second place: ten free agent sessions. Just kidding. Second place is one free session.

How will we pick the winner? Simply and objectively: Post your full moon names on the KWC facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kauaiwritersconf/

. The ones that get the most likes by April 19 (the date of the next full moon) are the winners.