By: Dave Rosenberg

After the Kauai Writers Conference, Liz asked to see some pages from my novel-in-progress. I was dumbfounded. It's one thing to share your work with your writing peers, but quite another to hand it over to a skilled literary agent. I ran to my computer, printed out some pages and committed every rookie mistake that Joe described in one of his great talks.  Page numbers got dropped off, I left my own editorial comments in the manuscript, spacing and formatting varied wildly from section to section, section titles were only randomly present.  In a word: Oey.

Liz and I are due to talk next week and I wouldn't blame her if she gave me a hiding for my amateurish presentation of my work.  The lesson here is to not let excitement or opportunity get the better of you.  Far better to be left brained -- attend to the fine details so that your presentation of your work is professional and easy for the agent to get through -- than to take the wrong-brained approach that I did. I can only hope that Liz has the patience to work her way through my pages.



06/25/2014 2:48pm

Who could blame you?

06/25/2014 5:55pm

A writer's experience.

08/27/2015 5:34pm

You'll do great. Hope you read my column in the Forum this morning, Friday, August 29. My beloved horse, Aristotle, is busy writing a column Aristotle Talks Back. The Fumbling Paper Shuffler
Peace and love Bettejo Dux

08/27/2015 5:37pm

I'm a writer not a computer gink. Long yellow legal and a pencil then my husband old portable were just fine. Hope my last comment got through.

Loya Whitmer
01/23/2015 2:03am

I was told at writers conference to publish each of my poem in newspapers or magazine first, then put together in a book. "That would take too long! So decided on self publishing. I am learning soooooo much doing it myself!


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